Starting at an early age, I found the fear of illness and death filled my thoughts with angst and apprehension. Having this type of anxiety can take its toll on the routine of daily life. It was in 2015 when I was looking up a disease I believed I may have been suffering from, and inspiration struck. During my self-diagnosis, I came across the most interesting photo of bacteria in the form of microscopic cellular imagery. I was in awe of how something so awful was so fascinating, and from that moment I started incorporating biological forms into my work.

The second element of my work derives from nature, something that I discovered when I began traveling outside of my home state of Arizona. Traveling and experiencing new places really impacted me creatively. I was most inspired by plants I saw in the Pacific Northwest and coral reefs in Florida. Having my sketchbook and camera in hand, I was able to gather and record information that would ultimately find its way into my work. This process has given opportunity to broaden my visual vocabulary and allow me to integrate the organic and natural forms I had personally observed.  

In my work I use a combination of mixed media such as ink, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, metallic paint, metal leaf, imitation gold mica flakes, and embroidery to best express my vision. Every mark has a specific purpose and placement. I use my research to turn my fears into something creative as well as utilizing nature to comfort and overcome some of my anxieties. I consider the work an expression of my own psychological balance.